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fall out girl //

In your eyes, like my first time that I caught fire. .

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Chris Eli™
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  • caughtfirexx@livejournal.com
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Basic Random Links & Other
name: chris
real name: christine
DOB: 03/21/88
from: dartmouth.ns.canada
sign: aries
eyes: blue/green
hair: blonde
age: eighteen
graduation class of 2006
job: convergys customer care (cingular)

theused + falloutboy + hedley + puddleofmudd + allamericanrejects + alterbridge +
avengedsevenfold + blink182 + brandnew + default +
destinyschild + foofighters + fozzy + fromfirstolast
+ goodcharlotte + hawthorneheights + gunsnroses +
lifehouse + limpbizkit + matchbookromance +
neverendingwhitelights + nickelback + nirvana
+ panic!atthedisco + paparoach + RHCP + saliva
+ seether + shinedown + silverstein + simpleplan +
skidrow + socialcode + somethingcorporate + faber +
stonetemplepilots + storyoftheyear + sum 41 +
takingbacksunday + theoryofadeadman + trapt +
treblecharger + velvetrevolver + weezer + yellowcard
+ manymore!

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bryanadams + carrieunderwood + ciara + eminem + hilaryduff +
JLO + kanyewest + ludacris + nelly + pink + ryancabrera +
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CHRISDAUGHTRY + taylorhicks + kelliepickler(still) + jamesblunt
+ manymore!

rated rko + matt hardy + edge + chris masters + lita +
trish stratus + christy hemme + MNM + randy orton +
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shelton benjamin + rob conway + torrie wilson
+ victoria + rey as cruiserweight + gregory helms
+ melina + batista + etc.

colorado avalanche + carolina hurricanes + philadelphia flyers +
ottawa senators + NY rangers + pittsburgh steelers +
boston redsox + oakland athletics + UFC + TNA + MLB + NFL + more.
 One vixen, two usernames. Also lovepose, add her too ;)
 Things I can't live without: Friends.  Photography. Writing. Sports. Music.
 I'm a tomboy without that look.
 I tend to be random, spontaneous, outspoken -  even weird.
 I'm agnostic.
 Caring to those I love.
 And I have dreams.
 Currently living between. rm and rents..
 Toronto will be my home this summer.
 Career goals? WWE with a little
 bit of writing and photography
 to go with it.
 Id take laughter over love anyday.
 City girl.
 SNL and humor are life.
 I love all music.
 I work full time at Convergys.
 And I love to act like an idiot <3.
 I'd say my hair is currently dark blonde, but I change my hair often.
 Music makes me think. Friends makes me laugh.
 5'2 with DD's, you can imagine.
 Piercings and tattoos are my nature.
 Soon to have a pierced vertical labret piercing, like Ashley.
 Life is a comedy, waiting for a laugh.
 I cherish what others don't.
 I understand all and everything..
 I don't take life too seriously.
 Enough?. Just ask me more, dahhlin'.
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I'm on MySpace, feel free to friend me.

I have two names on here, this one - caughtfirexx, and my new one lovepose.

You can also find me on Hi5

and MSN Messenger Space

I am a maintainer of tapout100, anti_cena, matt_followers, and wwegirls.

Banners for completed tapout100 challenges can be found here

I change my layout and icons frequently,
so check them out whenever you get the chance. There is so much more to know about me, so just ask or friend me to find out.

My e-mail address is fall.out.girl_@hotmail.com if you need to contact me otherwise..

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